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Team up with our reporters, data journalists and editors to tell global stories about public health threats and expose those responsible.

The Examination’s investigations often cross borders, bringing together reporting on public health crises — as well as the companies and individuals behind them.

We can’t do this alone. We’ve built a news organization that puts collaboration at the heart of its mission, recognizing the experience, connections and cultures of storytelling that each journalist and newsroom can bring.

At The Examination, we share our data, tools, resources and reporting firepower to help partners expand their capacity to produce deeply reported, community-oriented journalism and achieve impact. 

We work with journalists and newsrooms of all sizes from around the world. Our only prerequisites are open communication, trust and mutual respect. And of course, a great story.

So far, our partners have included The Washington Post, The Guardian US, Der Spiegel, Paper Trail Media and The Initium.

We’re just getting started and we want to hear from you.

Maybe you have a local public health story with international scope. Or you’re an editor eager to involve your newsroom in our next cross-border investigation. Or you’d like to learn more about our model of collaboration.

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If you have a news tip, let us know or reach out to our reporters. Email if you are interested in republishing one of our stories.